Patch Management: Offline Detection and Install Improvements

We are delighted to announce that devices using offline patching will now receive the last 3 months’ worth of Security Monthly Quality Rollups.

This will be particularly beneficial for those who require approval delays that overlap with the next month’s Patch Tuesday and prevents the scenario where they are superseded by newer versions. You will now have the current and 3 previous months to choose from.

  • In the scenario where you have approved a patch that has been superseded and the superseding patch has not yet been approved, the approved version will be installed as planned.
  • In the scenario where a superseding patch has been discovered and approved, the superseding patch will be installed instead.

This functionality already happens with cumulative updates and we are delighted to include security monthly rollups in this.

This release for this will go live today, however, will require detection scans for devices to update their available patches.

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