CUH Simpler Everyday Operations

One of the key features of Cloud User Hub is that it’s a single portal multi-tenant solution. Instead of jumping around dozens of different Microsoft portals, and giving all your technicians Partner Centre access or managing hundreds of credentials for individual tenant access, you can do everything from within Cloud User Hub. Find the action you want to take from the library of Command Blocks, select the organisations, and the users, and schedule or execute the job.

Sometimes, though, you just need to close off a password reset ticket. For these simple, everyday, tasks, where you need to take some action on a single user, navigating through the Command Block library was a little inconvenient. With our latest release, available now, we’ve solved this.

User-Perspective Automation

When navigating to a user, you’ll see that we’ve adjusted the second level menu a little:

The user page in CUH now offers quick access to Command Blocks that operate on a user

Groups, Roles, and Microsoft 365 (licenses) are in the “Manage” section, and there’s a new “Devices and applications” section with Calendar & mail, Files & collaboration, and Teamwork items (these will appear when the logged in user has the appropriate access). Navigating to any of these will provide you with the list of Command Blocks you’re familiar with, but filtered to those that operate on a user. When you execute a Block, there’s no need to select the organisation or the user – the Block will automatically use the user that you’re viewing.

In addition, there are two quick access operations added to the top menu, where the familiar edit and delete actions are located: revoke session, and reset password. These allow you to run the respective Command Block against the user with a single click.

Everyday user automation is now far more efficient in CUH

And more…

Attempting to copy an empty product plan would previously generate an error – we now prevent this happening and explain that you cannot copy an empty plan. We’ve also resolved an issue with purchasing a subscription (registration of partner of record), and some minor issues with some Command Blocks.

We’re also hard at work on our new customer onboarding experience that fully supports GDAP, and will have more news on this later in the month. There’s also a clue in the new user page of some exciting new functionality that will be arriving in the next few weeks.

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