CUH Early November Improvements and Fixes

In our latest release, live now, we’ve continued to improve the reliability of the onboarding wizard. In addition, we have some further improvements to help you manage Command Blocks and Sets, and also a peak at our new audit log feature.

This update was a bit more disruptive than normal – you might have noticed a few issues, particularly with the onboarding wizard, over the last couple of days. These should all be resolved now, and we’re investigating what we can do to avoid this in the future.

Command Blocks and Command Sets – reasoning for disabled rows

In our last release, we made it easier to discover all of the automation possibilities in Cloud User Hub by showing Command Blocks and Command Sets the user does not have access to in a disabled state. You can now see the reason that the Command Block or Set is not available to the logged-in user, via an info icon on the right-hand side. Reasons can vary from not having the solution(s) configured to not having the required role(s) assigned. The explanation contains a link that redirects the user to the appropriate overview, where the list of solutions or roles is filtered down to the required solution(s) or role(s).

On the right-hand side of disabled Command Blocks and Sets, you can see why they are not available, and jump to the appropriate configuration page

Command Blocks and Command Sets – favourites

We already supported marking Command Blocks or Command Sets as favourites, and we have now added a separate dashboard category for you to use. As soon as you add a Command Block or Set to your favourites, the tile on the dashboard will light up. Use of the favourites tile will lead to a table overview with all of your favourites, separated by category where applicable.

The favourites will also still be listed in the second menu, for you to use a shortcut to quickly navigate to Command Blocks or Sets you often use.

A new favourites meta category shows your favourite Command Blocks or Sets

Audit logging – first glance

This feature gives you insights into what is happening within your Cloud User Hub environment. This release includes a first look at this new feature, and we will soon extend this feature with a variety of logging options, e.g. logged-in user, roles, groups, and license actions taken.

The new audit log functionality shows actions users have taken in CUH

Subscription management – term and billing frequency visibility

We have extended the overview grid showing subscriptions to include two new columns: term and billing frequency. If a subscription does not have a term configured, as with Azure or legacy subscriptions, the column will be blank.

The subscription management overview includes new Term and Frequency columns

Onboarding wizard improvements

We have resolved several issues with the onboarding wizard, making the wizard more robust.

In addition, further simplification of the wizard is currently in development and is expected to release very soon. We currently are reliant on guest user invite access in customer tenants – the wizard will soon not have this dependency. In addition, we are going to remove the step in which you can select solutions to be configured and will activate all applicable solutions for any customers you onboard onto Cloud User Hub.

We’re also hard at work building an entirely new customer onboarding experience that not only further simplifies and speeds up the process, but is also designed from scratch to align with GDAP. Expect more news about this later this year.

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