Release Notes for Cloud User Hub: August 22, 2022

On behalf of the N-able Cloud User Hub team, we thank our partners for their patience, support, and collaboration during our beta period. Cloud User Hub has now progressed into public availability, and we look forward to continuing to learn from our partners as we work to improve the experience, efficiency, security, and profitability of your Cloud Management services. Want to take Cloud User Hub for a spin? Request a trial today! 

Today’s release includes additions to our library of Command Clocks and Command Block Reports, the introduction of Command Block Power BI reports, enhancements to the Configuration Wizard, other enhancements, and bug fixes. 

Partners are encouraged to reach out to with questions, suggestions, feedback, or requests to meet up with our team. 

Extended Command Block Library 

This release includes numerous additions to our Command Block library. Some but not all additions are included here. We encourage our partners to provide feedback and suggest additions to our Command Block library. 

  • Exchange Online: Available mailboxes, Group mailboxes, Migrate mailboxes, Convert mailbox to shared, Delegate mailbox permissions. 
  • Security: Consolidated multitenant secure score and threat assessment reports. 
  • Microsoft Teams: List existing Teams and Channels, Update Teams and Channels, Delete Teams and Channels, and Add or remove members from Teams. 
  • Microsoft Partner Center: List customers and corresponding users from Partner Center, Assign/unassign user licenses, and list available licenses.        

Command Block Power BI Reports

This release includes newly released support for reporting on Command Block results via Power BI, in addition to several reports available and executable as Command Blocks. These reports provide insights into the output results of various Command Blocks. While logging can also provide these details, Power BI reporting provides a single pane of glass regarding the output of Command Blocks you have executed over multiple customer tenants. For instance, running the Available Licenses Command Block for multiple customers will populate the Power BI report with these details, giving you a clear overview of available licenses within and across tenants.  

Please note that the Command Block report dashboard is refreshed hourly. Be sure to execute the Command Blocks and come back later for these valuable insights. 

Expect more of these reports to become available soon, your feedback obviously is much appreciated, being it on available reports or the need for reports over Command Blocks we have not created reports for yet. 

New Command Block Power BI Reports      

  • “List AD Domains”: Azure Active Directory > All Command Blocks > Identity and Access  
  • “Get List of Teams”: Microsoft 365 > All Command Blocks > Microsoft Teamwork 
  • “List Teams Channels”: Microsoft 365 > All Command Blocks > Microsoft Teamwork       
  • “List Microsoft Authenticator Methods”: Azure Active Directory > All Command Blocks > Identity and Access > List Microsoft Authenticator methods 
  • “List Available Licenses”: Microsoft Partner Center > All Command Blocks > Customer Accounts 
  • “Get Group Mailboxes”: Microsoft 365 > All Command Blocks > Exchange Online 
  • “Get Inactive Mailboxes”: Microsoft 365 > All Command Blocks > Exchange Online 
  • “List Active & Inactive Mailboxes”: Microsoft 365 > All Command Blocks > Exchange Online 

Please expect more reports to be added in upcoming releases and keep us posted if your team has any requirements not yet covered by our library.  

UX Enhancements 

Configuration Wizard 

Cloud User Hub’s Configuration Wizard was introduced during the beta period to provide a simplified experience for validating service account privileges in Microsoft Partner Center, onboarding customer tenants, and securing authorization for solution management. We have continued to refine the user experience for configuring Cloud User Hub. In addition to various bug fixes, this release introduces a “Knight Rider” to indicate that the exhaustive array of automated actions facilitated by the configuration wizard are in progress. 

State Pinning 

This release includes a feature to maintain table header filter selections when navigating across settings, users, products, services, and other consoles in Cloud User Hub. 


This release includes many UI enhancements and bug fixes including alignment, textual changes, translation errors (we’re so international!), and many more. We will keep up a constant cadence of UI enhancements moving forward and thank our partners for pointing our attention to all potential improvements.  

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