Advance Notice: Update for AV Defender scheduled for Tuesday October 12th

Please be advised we will be pushing an update to activated N-central servers as ofTuesday October 12th for AV Defender. Releasing the ability for Fresh Installs and Upgrades for version in addition to the already released Update capability. Release Notes are currently available on the Community Resource Center.

AV Defender Version

The AV Defender is available for Windows modern Operating Systems, designed for Windows 7/Windows Server 2008R2 and higher.

The following issues were fixed in this build:

  • Scan SSL feature causing frequent connection (timeout) issues has now been resolved
  • The Endpoint Security Service generated high RAM usage when the endpoint received new policy settings
  • The Content Control module lead to a slowdown when downloading files from the network share.
  • Addresses a specific scenario where the product caused critical errors (BSOD). This issue is now resolved.
  • The Endpoint Security Console service randomly created a certain file on endpoints.
  • The Endpoint Security Console service crashed after installing the security agent on a different partition on Windows Server 2012.
  • In some cases, the agent installation failed on endpoints with Windows Defender enabled. This issue is now fixed.

Updating to this Release
The AV Defender update can be scheduled at an appropriate time by adding a maintenance window to your devices. Updating involves an incremental update of components or modules without the need to remove protection. The device will be rebooted after the update if the maintenance window allows AV Defender Reboots. A reboot may be required based on Installation Status. If you do not want updates or reboots to proceed automatically, you can disable them by removing the appropriate maintenance windows from the device or rule.

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