SolarWinds RMM: Managed Antivirus (MAV-BD) Disk Encryption Manager – GA Release Coming Soon!

We are delighted to inform you that we’ve had considerable uptake with our Disk Encryption Manager Release Candidate and are aiming towards General Availability (GA) on March 31st.

Disk Encryption Manager helps secure customer data by rendering the information on their disk drives unreadable to unauthorized users if their end device is lost or stolen. This feature offers scalable deployment, management/monitoring, reporting and the ability to determine the encryption status of the last checked-in device – all from the same console customers or MSPs use today. DEM leverages the encryption mechanisms provided by Windows® (BitLocker®) and taking advantage of the native device encryption helps ensure compatibility and performance. Disk Encryption Manager is an additional module for Managed Antivirus Bitdefender (MAV-BD).

Billing is to commence on April 1st – for pricing information, please reach out to your Account Manager.

For additional details and how to get started, please review our Release Blog Post:

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our Release Candidate testing. For those devices that were used for testing in our Release Candidate cycle that no longer require DEM, please be sure to review the following link on how to Off-board DEM and safeguard Recovery Keys prior to April 1st Billing commencement.

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