SolarWinds Mail Assure: September 24th Features and Updates Release

Filtering (services):


  • Resolved: ARF reports not sent if the quarantine response was set to ‘accepted’ (#36430)
  • Resolved: If a CSV (e.g. of blacklisted senders) is uploaded with some entries that already exist, the API call would be logged as a failure (409) even though some of the entries would be added (#35952)
  • Resolved: The Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates would fail to automatically renew in some situations (#36281)


Front-end / GUI:


  • Resolved: Suggested values in some log search filters would not appear in rare circumstances (#36459)
  • Resolved: When using other languages than English, an ‘Unknown Domain’ error could repeatedly be displayed on the dashboard page in some situations (#36434)
  • Resolved: Importing an exported CSV of Email Scout Report Template would not work (#36438)
  • Improved: In the case of an user which has OAuth available as a login option (ie. they are an admin and it is configured by their parent admin), the User Profile page is now clearer, particularly around how passwords should be changed (#34971)



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