SolarWinds Mail Assure: June 11th Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Mail Assure.


  • Resolved: Issue where an SQL error could be displayed on failed login when using LDAP authentication (#35638)

  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Train Spam’ option not being available for email users (#35562)
  • Resolved: Issue with ‘Filtered outgoing messages by default’ wrongly showing as an option in the Mailbox Overview (#35565)
  • Resolved: Issue with releasing messages from Protection Reports (#35569)
  • Resolved: Issue with the ‘Copy’ action not working on the Outgoing Sender Blacklist page (#35550)
  • Resolved: Issue with the execute search action from ‘Auto enabled ESRs’ (#35589)
  • Improved: The ‘Status’ and ‘Main class’ filters on the preview Log Search pages now use significantly less space (#34166)
  • Resolved: Issue with ‘direct delivery’ not being used when a message is sent to multiple alias recipients that have different custom filtering settings in a single SMTP transaction (#35226)
  • Added: Option to update the ‘catch-all’ status of a domain via the ‘Mailbox Overview’ Configuration tab (#35581)

In case there are  items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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