SolarWinds Mail Assure: May 14th Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Mail Assure.


Resolved: Issue with the message preview in the Log Search (Preview) showing HTML style content as text (#35166)

Resolved: Issue with the ‘Compose Reply’ action not being available for email users with archive protection enabled (#35172)

Resolved: Issue with ‘LDAP Mailbox sync’ page checkboxes not showing the correct state (#35280)

Resolved: Issue with incorrect branding used in the Protection Reports (#34267, #35270)

Resolved: Issue with the “in archive” log search filter not being applied correctly in some cases (#35138)

Resolved: Issue where the Email Scout Reports page would not show newly added reports (#35164)

Resolved: Issue where an inappropriate error message would be displayed when failing to login more than 1,000 times (#35206)

Resolved: Issue where the Email Scout Report page would show an incorrect schedule for automatically enabled reports (#35219)

Resolved: Issue where using the ‘domain jumper’ in the middle of a long operation would result in incorrect status messages being displayed (#35220)

Resolved: Issue preventing directly accessing ‘features preview’ pages when ‘features preview’ is not enabled (#35221)

Resolved: Issue where the LDAP Mailbox sync page would fail to display in some cases (#35222)

Resolved: Issue where a ‘This account is inactive’ message would incorrectly be displayed when logging in (#35240)

Resolved: Issue where the brand for domains could fail to be correctly updated when re-enabling Private Label (#35263)

Resolved: Issue where an empty time filter would prevent results being displayed (#35276)

Resolved: Issue where the wrong brand could be used in some situations (#35283)

Resolved: Issue where the page title would not update when navigating through the interface (#35285)

Resolved: Issue where the ‘network tools’ page is accessible via page actions, even when the page access is disabled (#35292)

Resolved: Issue with Email Scout Report ‘execute search’ action not working correctly (#35208)

Resolved: Issue with ‘View delivery history’ failing for non-ASCII domains (#35217)

Resolved: Issue where the Email Scout Report message action page would show the wrong time when using the ‘Next Delivery Attempt’ action (#35295)

Improved: The ‘last login’ field is now updated when the logging in via the ‘retrieve log-in link’ system (#35296)

Improved: The Email Scout Report message action page now shows the message’s date and time in the domain’s time zone (#35153)

Improved: The ‘preview’ button on the LDAP Mailbox sync page has been renamed to ‘Save and Test’ and no longer requires saving the configuration before use ([133457])

Improved: Help text has been added for the ‘log invalid recipients’ option ([133774])

Improved: The help text for the ‘recipient’ subclass (in the log search pages) has been improved ([133641])

Improved: The text recommending use of the new Mailbox overview page has been improved ([133644])

Improved: The ‘archived recipients” page includes additional information about the older Microsoft Exchange journaling functionality to clarify the distinction with the new ‘global journal address’ functionality ([133745])

Added: A new action for the (preview) log search pages to view all delivery attempts for a message (#34822)

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