SolarWinds RMM: New GA Agent v10.7.5, Backup & Recovery v18.2

We’re pleased to let you know we’ll be updating the Windows agent in this week’s SolarWinds RMM release, promoting v10.7.5 to be the new Generally Available (GA) agent.

In addition, we’ve just released a Backup & Recovery version update for servers and workstations on the latest RMM Agent to auto-upgrade them from Backup v17.9 to Backup v18.2. This Backup update no longer requires an RMM Agent release as it did in the past – with the arrival of Backup v17.9 in RMM, we’re now able to update the Backup agent automatically using SolarWinds Backup’s auto-upgrade feature, which means RMM’s integrated Backup solution is now able to stay much more up to date with SolarWinds Backup’s latest releases and improvements.

To see the list of Backup & Recovery enhancements in v18.2, check out the SolarWinds Backup release notes here.

For customers with devices on older RMM Agents (pre-v10.6.1) wanting to take advantage of the Backup & Recovery update, we recommend installing the new v10.7.5 GA agent once it becomes available in your territory, as it contains a performance improvement to the Backup & Recovery upgrade path.

The new Windows GA Agent v10.7.5 is now available in the Asia Pacific region and in selected European territories, and should roll out to the rest of the territories in the next few days. The Backup & Recovery agent update is already live in all the territories.

Here are the release notes for today’s update,


Summary for Service Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.52.7 (no customer facing updates)
– New Windows GA Agent 10.7.5, no new RC Agent

Agent 10.7.5 GA
Windows Agent 10.7.5 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.7.3:

Windows Agent 10.7.5 (Release Candidate)
UPDATE: Update for Backup & Recovery to improve upgrade path from older backup installations on v16.10 or below to Backup v17.9 or higher

BUGFIX: Resolve an issue with the Antivirus Update Check for ESET NOD32

Agent 10.7.4 RC (Release Candidate)
BUGFIX: Update SNMP check to handle an extra ‘0’ character in OID

BUGFIX: Update Bandwidth Monitoring Check to show Draytek and Cisco hardware


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