Where is FixItScripts?

It Has Returned

… in a manner of speaking.

For many of us, the use of a crowd-driven collection site that provides real-world-driven script solutions was ideal. It allowed for new and flexible functionality while permitting partners to help partners. It provided a degree of true testing before implementation.

All things come to an end, however, except of course, digitally stored data. While the site and the code that housed these crowd-sourced solutions for so long had to disappear simply because of lack of attention, the solutions that were there are still exactly that: solutions. Without nurturing, the site died on the vine. It happens.

But better things come of it

For those who may not have been completely familiar with FixItScripts.com, it was a site dedicated to problem solving.  The community is best at solving its own problems because most of the time, someone has seen a problem that someone else may still be struggling with. A member of the community would pose a problem they’re dealing with, and another member of the community would pose a solution.

On FixItScripts.com, the solutions were script files. Automation. Remediation. Staying within the parameters of the RMM platform’s support for nine different script types, the solutions could be drawn from FixItScripts.com and implemented directly into the Script Manager of the RMM dashboard.

We told you that the scripts that were housed on the FixItScripts.com site wouldn’t be lost, and we were right.  Some of you may not be familiar with the portal we created for the Community of partners prior to now.  We’ve moved the old Connect portal to SolarWinds® MSP as community.solarwindsmsp.com.

For now, this is a simple imported list. We wanted you to have them fast. We’ve brought in each script for download along with:

  • The original problem posed
  • The problem description
  • The fix description (complete with script type)

While we look at categorization and organization efforts, we ask you to simply use the functionality of your web browser (Ctrl+F) to search for the problem keyword you’re looking for.

We’ve placed all your favorite scripts on the Community Portal-Resource Center at SolarWinds MSP. (Who knew there were over 800 of them!) You’ll find it under the Technical Resources menu once you’ve logged on:

FIS Menu


  • We welcome your suggestions and look forward to providing more and easier access to this information on the new Community platform.
  • If you don’t have an account to log on to the portal, reach out to your channel representative, or email the Portal Team (a link is on the logon page for requests as well) and we’ll get you access.
  • Thank you for supporting FixItScripts.com over the years, and thank you for your patience in getting to this new location!
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