MSP Service Desk: Service Release including New Ticket Activity Report

We’re pleased to announce our next MSP Service Desk release: v2.8.3.

In this service release we’re addressing a number of customer service bug fixes and we’re introducing a brand new report – the Ticket Activity Report.

The new Ticket Activity Report shows all the tickets that have been opened or closed within a selected timeframe. You can choose to automatically receive the report on a schedule or you can run it on demand.

The roll out will commence today in our Australian territory and we then plan to have this globally available by the end of the week.

Summary for Release
– Customer support priorities and bug fixes
– Service Desk Release 2.8.3

FEATURE: New Ticket Activity Report
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with being able to invoice in Italian
BUGFIX: Resolve visibility issue with tickets raised from voice
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Company Name in exported invoices
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with new ticket notifications not being recieved on new ticket creation
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with duplicate ticket notifications
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where closed tickets remained searchable as open
BUGFIX: Allow for Alert queue to be deleted
BUGFIX: Address known ticket counting performance issue
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Take Control link on Asset tab not working
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with duplicate tickets being raised through email retrieval


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