MSP RMM: Service Release, May 3rd – Update

We’re pleased to confirm that the latest Dashboard release, v6.40.1, is now also available in the Americas / US region. The update includes the improvement to Backup & Recovery highlighted in this earlier release post.

Here are the details of today’s Dashboard update… 

Summary for Service Release
– Customer support bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.40.1
– No Agent change

Dashboard 6.40.1
UPDATE: New download link for MSP Anywhere Take Control viewer from the Remote Access dropdown menu
BUGFIX: Don’t show the Download Take Control dialog in Chrome when the MSP Anywhere Take Control viewer is already installed
BUGFIX: Ensure data selection is available for the Take Control report when running it more than one
BUGFIX: Correct issue in Backup Integrity Report so it’s complete and matches last backup information in the dashboard
BUGFIX: Ensure the list_devices_at_client API call includes Web Protection information
BUGFIX: Update to Client Group dialog to avoid tabbing action to create a duplicate Client Group name
BUGFIX: Ensure the User Audit Report logs when a Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) policy is deleted
BUGFIX: Ensure Service Desk opens in a resizable window in Internet Explorer
BUGFIX: Remove incorrect ‘Error’ text from a Managed Antivirus dialog
BUGFIX: Fix translation error in German Dashboard for Software License Groups under Asset Tracking
BUGFIX: Update the maximum auto-lock settings for iOS devices in MDM
BUGFIX: Ensure schedule selection continues to be selectable when approving patches from Patch tab on south pane when updating multiple devices

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