MSP RMM Release: Take Control VoIP, Improved Restore Function in Backup & Recovery, and 2FA – Update

We’re pleased to confirm that the latest Dashboard release is now available in all of the European territories, in follow-up to yesterday’s update – for details of what’s included, please see yesterday’s release post (note that the MSP Anywhere Take Control improvements are not yet turned on, they’re expected to roll out globally by end of the week.)

In addition to Dashboard 6.40, we’ll also be enabling the Two-Factor Authentication enhancements we highlighted in this release post for customers in Asia Pacific and Europe. Users will start to see a dialog advising them to enable 2FA in order to continue using Take Control and Remote Background Management. The additional security can help protect your account and the remote access features from any unauthorised access.

We’ll continue the rollout of Dashboard 6.40 and the 2FA update to the Americas region in the next couple of days. As usual, we’ll post an update to let you know when the enhancements are live.


Summary for Service Release
– VoIP for MSP Anywhere Take Control, improvements to Backup & Recovery’s restore function, user-level 2FA
– Dashboard v6.40
– No Agent change

Dashboard 6.40
FEATURE: Voice over IP to the Agent for MSP Anywhere Take Control
UPDATE: For Backup & Recovery, when selecting an inactive backup account, install it with the Backup & Recovery configuration settings it had when it was made inactive (requires Agent 10.5.11 or above)
UPDATE: For Backup & Recovery, add support for “Restore-only mode” when selecting an inactive backup account (requires Agent 10.5.11 or above)
UPDATE: For Backup & Recovery, show which device an inactive backup has been assigned to in the User Audit Report
BUGFIX: In MSP Anywhere Take Control, ensure the ‘Disable Video Hardware Acceleration while in session’ Take Control option (MSP Anywhere) works correctly during remote sessions
BUGFIX: In MSP Anywhere Take Control, Windows agent has been corrected restoring background image
BUGFIX: In MSP Anywhere Take Control, address instances of “shaky” session traffic
BUGFIX: In MSP Anywhere Take Control, prevent keyboard events being captured by out-of-focus Viewer windows

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