Announcing Availability of MSP Backup & Recovery Version 17.3

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the latest version of SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery which is now available for download from within the Management Console.

Version 17 is a major architectural release designed to improve performance, responsiveness and scalability of our infrastructure. The majority of the enhancements seen in this release are built around this new architecture.

Recovery Console – Continuous restores and on-demand restores will now utilize this new architecture to display the available restore sessions and directory tree structure more quickly. Please ensure that you have updated your Recovery Console installations to the latest version to ensure compatibility.

Bare Metal Recovery – BMR sessions will now more quickly display the available restore sessions and directory tree structure allowing restores to be started in much shorter time frames. Please update your USB thumb drives and boot media to the latest version.

Backup Manager Overview tab – We have enhanced the Backup history calendar found on the Backup Manager Overview tab with the ability to sort columns and search through Processed files and Removed\Deleted files. This allows users to more quickly determine what files account for the largest daily uploads or to identify files and folders that can potentially be excluded from future backup operations.

Management Console – We have introduced several performance and usability enhancements for the Management Console to simplify data to day management.

  • Device Backup Session History – the History tab in the management console has been optimized to open faster, be more responsive and provide additional information. This includes links to session errors, processed files, and removed files. The history display defaults to the last 28 days with an option in the upper right to show All sessions. In addition, column headers can be clicked to sort the content in ascending or descending order.

  • Device Session Errors – The Errors tab in the management console has been enhanced to be more responsive and offer greater detail. The default display allows you to drill down into recent errors with an advanced option to show errors from specific backup sessions.

  • Device Audit – We have modified the default sort order and added a search bar to the Audit tab so that you can quickly locate user actions.

  • Processed and Removed Files – The tabs are linked very closely to the History tab and give you the same ability as found in the Backup Manager to sort columns and search through the Processed files and Removed\Deleted files to quickly determine teh source of large uploaded or items that can possibly be excluded from future backups. 

Removal of Exchange Granular Restore – Effective immediately with the version 17 release we have ended our agreement with the third-party vendor which enabled granular item level restore for Microsoft Exchange from within the Backup Manager GUI.

Please note: Granular Restore for Exchange can still be accomplished outside of the Backup Manager GUI through a combination of Microsoft Exchange settings, native Exchange tools and our Virtual Drive technology.

The following linked articles will provide additional information or you can consult our online documentation (login to the

Upgrading to version 17

Standalone users of IASO Online Backup, MAX Backup and MSP Backup & Recovery may begin upgrading now to the latest version.

Due to significant architectural changes introduced in version 17 partners must upgrade all of their backup and recovery tools to the latest version to maintain full compatibility. This includes the Backup Manager, Recovery Console, Virtual Drive, Bare Metal Recovery, Servertool and StorageNode software.

Integrated users of Managed Online Backup (integrated w/ MSP RMM) or MSP Backup (integrated w/ N-Central) should not attempt to upgrade to version 17 until they are notified to do so.  These platforms will be made available and updated on a seperate schedule.

Backup Manager

Users may download the latest Backup Manager from the download section of our website or download links within the Management Console. The latest Backup Manager release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly following the initial release.

Virtual Drive

If installed, the Virtual Drive component will automatically update with the Backup Manager. When these binaries are updated, Virtual Drive will notify you that a reboot of the Backup Manager is needed to complete the update.

Management Console

Primary development efforts are focused on the online version of our Management Console, however you may download the latest standalone Cloud Management Console from the download section of our website. The latest standalone release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly following the initial release. Once available you will be notified upon launching the standalone management console and presented with the option to update.

Storage Nodes – Mandatory update for “Software Only” partners

It is mandatory that “Software Only” partners, those hosting their own private cloud storage, update all of their Storage Nodes to version 17 prior to upgrading the Backup Manager software at their client locations.  The latest Storage Node software installers can be found in the Advanced Download section of the Management Console or on the download section of our website.

Other Tools

You may also download the latest versions of the Bare Metal Recovery Tool, Recovery Console, etc. from the download section of the online Management Console. These components are not currently distributed via Auto Update.

Prior Versions

Partners requiring access to a prior version of our software can access them from the following download site.

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