MSP RMM Service Release, March 10th

Today’s Dashboard release consists of an update to the Windows RC Agent. This latest agent adds support for Acronis v12 to the Backup Check, and ensures the Microsoft Windows Backup check can run on Server 2016 devices, both much-requested feature updates. There’s also a bug fix to ensure the monitoring agent doesn’t accidentally crash during Patch Remediation, as reported by some customers.

Please test the new RC Agent in your sandbox environments and let us know in case you discover any issues.

In addition, there’s a service update to the Patch Management engine. This is designed to help with instances where the patch scan times out. This update will automatically download and install during the course of the patch scan. There will be a service restart of the Patch Management agent but this is entirely benign and will not impact the Patch Management service.

The update is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by end of today, Friday 10th.

Here’s the summary for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– No Dashboard release
– Windows RC Agent v10.5.10, no change to the GA Agent

Agent v10.5.10 RC
UPDATE: Add support for Acronis v11.7 and v12 to the Backup Check
UPDATE: Add support for Microsoft Windows Backup for Server 2016 devices in the Backup Check
BUGFIX: Correct issue causing the Advanced Monitoring Agent to crash during Patch Remediation under certain conditions

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