Coming soon to MSP RMM: Take Control update to MSP Anywhere v6.8

We’re delighted to announce that soon we’ll be releasing a major update to the MSP Anywhere version of Take Control, with the update to MSP Anywhere v6.8.

Since the launch of the new Take Control option in September and the introduction of policy-managed settings, our teams have been hard at work enhancing the functionality and performance of the new Take Control feature. As a result, the new MSP Anywhere engine comes with significant improvements to session speed and screen quality, and addresses many of the great points of feedback you shared with us.

Here’s what’s coming in the MSP Anywhere upgrade:

  • Speed improvements: Remote Control sessions are now up to 12% faster and more responsive. Conduct remote sessions with less jitter and greater fluidity.
  • Introducing True Color: Full 24-bit, 16M colors. This major feature enhancement surpasses TeamViewer’s accuracy when running at optimal connection speeds.
  • Greater support for arbitrary screen resolutions: Much better handling of all varieties of screen displays such as Surface Tablets and other form factors.
  • Improved handling of a screen’s DPIs: Screens now relay correctly instead of accidentally cutting off.
  • Better mouse support: You can now use a mouse’s side buttons for better remote interaction with the device.
  • Smoother file transfer capabilities: Resolution of a bug affecting the file transfer queue.
  • Smarter resource management: Performance improvements specifically aimed at slower, low resource machines.

Together, these enhancements mark a major step forward in terms of quality and performance, and we’re excited to make this update available to you in the coming days. We’re also pleased to confirm that we’re rolling this update out in such a way that you don’t have to make any changes to your Monitoring Agent version to take advantage. The enhancements will automatically take effect for any devices using the MSP Anywhere version of Take Control, with no impact to you or your users.

Summary for Dashboard Release
– Take Control update to MSP Anywhere engine
– Dashboard v6.37.2
– No Agent update

Dashboard v6.37.2
UPDATE: Take Control upgrade of MSP Anywhere engine to v6.8

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