Coming Soon to MSP Risk Intelligence: Custom Scans

We’re delighted to announce that soon we will be releasing an update to the MSP Risk Intelligence product in the RMM Dashboard.

Here’s what’s coming in the Risk Intelligence update:

  • New Custom Scanning Feature
    • Ability to create scans from a library of 70+ rulesets
    • New File Finder Scan
    • New Scan Options:
      • Directory/drive exclusion
      • Network share/removable drive scanning
      • CPU throttling
      • Security vulnerability exclusions
    • Analytic Trend and Baseline Reports for Custom Scans
  • New SW MSP Branding
    • Navigation Bar 2.0 – RM Dashboard
    • SolarWinds MSP Logo Reports/Dash

Soon you will be able to access a custom scans wizard from within the RMM Dashboard’s Risk Intelligence Policy for greater control over the sensitive data, locations to scan and improved Analytic Reporting.

Summary for Release

  • Risk Intelligence engine update
  • No Dashboard update
  • No Agent update
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