Coming Soon to MSP RMM… Run Single Checks on Demand, Site Concentrator Update

We’re pleased to announce a couple of feature enhancements in the first MSP Remote Monitoring & Management release of the new year, due out in the next few days. In this update, we’re adding the ability for you to run single checks on demand, instead of having to always run all checks, and we also have an improvement to Site Concentrator so you can see if there’s an issue with upstream proxies.

In addition, there’s a Windows Agent update with a new Take Control ‘host’ module that uses TeamViewer’s latest v12 version. This follows on from the recent update to the ‘viewer’ module, and means Take Control is now running on TeamViewer’s very latest version. We’re currently working on an equivalent update to the Mac Agent and will release this as soon as it’s ready to go.

All the details…

Run a Single Check
Here’s a screenshot of the new single Run Check option. It means you can inspect a specific bit of a system without having to run all the 24×7 and Daily Safety Checks, making it faster and less resource intensive. You can run just one check or use CTRL+Click or Shift+Click to select a few specific checks and run those.


See Upstream Proxy Issues

In this release we’re also introducing the ability for our Dashboard to detect when Agents cannot upload due to upstream proxy issues. This enhancement to Site Concentrator shows up in the Summary Tab of a device, here’s a little screenshot to show you an example…



Summary for Service Release
– TeamViewer update for Take Control
– Dashboard v6.36
– Windows Agent v10.5.7 RC, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.36
UPDATE: Ability to re-run a single check on demand
UPDATE: Ability to expose agent upload difficulties on Dashboard if the cause is an upstream proxy
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Critical Event check failing with “Unknown Error”
BUGFIX: Correctly handle German Umlauts within Critical Events Report

KNOWN ISSUE: The new Run Check option text will be in English on the day of the release, translations to follow a day after

Agent 10.5.7 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade Take Control to latest TeamViewer 12 Agent
BUGFIX: Resolve issue which can cause Agent to hang during software update
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with agent component which resulted in performance degradation

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