Coming Soon to MSP RMM… Take Control Enhancements GA, Faster Server Overdue Alerts GA, Latest Mac Agent GA, and More

We’re delighted to let you know that we’re putting the finishing touches on our next Dashboard update. In this upcoming release we’ll be making several recent feature enhancements generally available (GA) – here’s the list of new functionality:

  • Enhanced Take Control with engine selection: MSP Anywhere or TeamViewer
  • Faster server overdue alerting
  • Support for upstream proxies in Site Concentrator
  • A new Mac Agent built on the real-time architecture for faster monitoring

We’ve included links to previous blog posts on each of those updates below, with all the details you need on how to take advantage of these latest enhancements.

In addition to the big GA release, we’ve also made an enhancement to the Site Installation Package workflow: going forward, you’ll no longer have to enter your ‘primary access key’, so it’s a little less cumbersome to use. We’ve also made this section Client Group aware, so it only shows the customers a user can see in their Dashboard when configuring the Site Installation Package. To use this feature, just click the ‘Agent’ dropdown menu from the top menu bar, then select ‘Download Agent’.

Finally, a little name update: going forward, the ‘Managed Online Backup’ service will be called ‘Backup & Recovery’. This brings it inline with the standalone MSP Backup & Recovery product, as the integrated Dashboard feature is built on the same market-leading technology. We’d also like to remind you of the recently added Backup Status emails, which add daily visibility for you and your clients of the ongoing Backup & Recovery service you provide – check out this post for details.

To make sure you make the most of the latest Dashboard updates, here’s a set of links to recent Status posts with details and screenshots of the new features we’ll be turning GA…

  • Enhancements to Take Control: Click here for info on the new MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control option, along with details on setting up Take Control policies, and how to choose your preferred engine: MSP Anywhere or TeamViewer.
  • Faster Server Overdue Alerts: Know much more quickly if critical servers run into problems, and be alerted of ISP issues thanks to the improved Data Overdue Cross Check feature – click here.
  • Site Concentrator Enhancement: See how to take advantage of the enhanced Site Concentrator feature with support for upstream proxies, designed especially for extra secure IT environments.
  • The New Mac Agent: Last but by no means least, the latest Mac Agent to go GA comes loaded with Take Control support and runs on the Dashboard’s real-time architecture with support for faster monitoring.

A couple of things to note regarding the new Take Control:

  • When we turn the new Take Control service GA, we’re having to reset devices that are inheriting their policies from the Settings tree to use the original TeamViewer-based version. Devices that have their policy set locally via the Edit Device dialog will carry on using the engine you selected for that device. This adjustment to policies is necessary in order to make the feature enhancements GA. As soon as the feature has been released and you’ve upgraded your devices to the new GA Agent, you’ll be able to roll MSP Anywhere out to all devices with the new, enriched policy options.
  • We’re working on adding support for MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control to the RMM mobile apps. We expect to have updates to the iOS and Android apps soon.

We very much encourage you to update to the new GA Agents in order to benefit from all the latest performance and feature enhancements, and to stay up to date with the recent series of customer priority bug fixes.

Here are the release notes for the upcoming release…

Summary for Service Release
– New MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control GA, Faster Server Overdue Alerts GA, Site Concentrator enhancements GA, Windows and Mac Agent GA
– Dashboard v6.35
– Windows Agent v10.5.4 GA, Mac Agent 2.1.0 GA, New Windows RC Agent v10.5.5, new Mac RC Agent v2.1.1

Dashboard 6.35
UPDATE: MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control promoted to GA, with the option for users to select their preferred Take Control engine
UPDATE: Site Installation Package dialog updated to remove the Agent Key password requirement and to make it Client Group aware
UPDATE: ‘Managed Online Backup’ is renamed ‘Backup & Recovery’

KNOWN ISSUE: The Take Control engine selection in the Settings rollout tree will revert back to TeamViewer as part of the release. Following the Dashboard release, customers can re-select MSP Anywhere as the preferred Take Control engine at policy level in the Settings dialog going forward.

Windows Agent 10.5.5 RC
UPDATE: Managed Online Backup renamed “Backup & Recovery”
UPDATE: Better language support for the remote command line option within the Remote Background Management feature
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where SNMP Checks fail every second check cycle
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where command line arguments in quotes were not correctly handled

Mac Agent 2.1.1 RC
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with running script checks
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with script parameter handling

Windows Agent 10.5.4 GA
Agent 10.5.4 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v10.4.3:

Agent 10.5.4 RC
UPDATE: Feature pack update to TeamViewer-powered Take Control (no customer-facing changes)

Agent 10.5.3 RC
UPDATE: Improved fail-over mechanism for environments with upstream proxy servers
UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky 2015, 2016 and 2017 in AV Update check
UPDATE: Automated Take Control debug log collection
UPDATE: Updated Risk Intelligence components
BUGFIX: Fix issue with Altaro Hyper-V Backup check
BUGFIX: Fix issue with ShadowProtect SPX
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Patch installation

Agent 10.5.2 RC
UPDATE: Improved fail-over mechanism for environments with upstream proxy servers

UPDATE: Updated Support for Kaspersky 2015, 2016 and 20167 to AV Update check
UPDATE: Automated Take Control debug log collection
UPDATE: Updated Risk Intelligence components
BUGFIX: Fixes issue with Altaro Hyper-V Backup check
BUGFIX: Fixes issue with ShadowProtect SPX

Agent v10.5.1 RC
UPDATE: Site Concentrator enhancements to support proxy environments and Windows Firewall ports

BUGFIX: Correct issue so the Advanced Monitoring Agent doesn’t go overdue after updating the Agent to a new version
BUGFIX: Improvements to asset scan to resolve duplicate software entries and unknown characters issue related to DWORD type
BUGFIX: Ensure the Event Log Check doesn’t fail due to quotation marks or square brackets passed in the message string
BUGFIX: Correct issue with Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 in AV Check to ensure it’s updating its defs 10.5.0

Agent v10.5.0 RC
UPDATE: New Take Control Host for Windows

UPDATE: Error-free reconnection to Take Control session after device reboot
BUGFIX: Ensure disconnecting a Take Control session does not leave Desktop Wallpaper blank

Agent v10.4.4 RC
UPDATE: Add support for ‘CloudBerry Backup’ to Backup Check

Mac 2.1.0 GA
Agent 2.1.0 includes all the updates since the current production Agent v1.5.3:

Mac Agent 2.1.0 RC
FEATURE: Introducing Mac support in MSP Anywhere-based Take Control, allowing users to take control of Mac workstations
UPDATE: Updated Risk Intelligence components with improvements to error handling and scan scheduling
UPDATE: Introduction of 5 and 15 minute monitoring cycles for 24×7 Checks
BUGFIX: Correctly pass Script Check parameters

Mac Agent 2.0.0 RC
UPDATE: New RC Agent for Apple Macs, introducing real-time architecture support for Apple computers, available for supported OS X and macOS systems: 10.7 ‘Lion’ and above

UPDATE: Faster processing of Check edits and of new Script Check additions
UPDATE: Option to set the Mac Agent to 120 minute monitoring

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