Coming Soon to MSP RMM… New Status Notification Emails for Managed Online Backup

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ll soon be enabling a new feature for Managed Online Backup in MSP Remote Monitoring & Management: In the next few days, we’ll be turning on the ability for you to receive daily or weekly backup status emails. It’s the same popular feature that’s already available in the MSP Backup & Recovery product, and gives you an easy way to see a device’s backup status and spot if there are any issues. You can have it send to any recipients you specify, including directly to end-clients if you wish.

We plan to release the update to the UK and Europe at the end of the week, with the other territories to follow a few days after. We’ll confirm once it’s available to all customers.

Here’s how to take advantage of the new feature, once it’s enabled…

To turn it on for a server of workstation, please open up Backup Manager for the device in question and go to the Preferences tab. Under ‘Backup dashboard settings’, enter one or more email addresses (semi-colon separated) and pick your frequency: Daily, Every Wednesday and Saturday, or Every Saturday:


You’ll then start to receive the Backup Status email, giving you a detailed overview of the device’s backup – we’ve copied a couple of examples below so you can see how they look. The notification includes selected size, the date of the last successful backup, what’s being backed up with respective status, as well as the status of the Local Speed Vault and the Remote Server, if those features are turned on for that device. The colour of the email gives you the overall status at a glance: Green means the backup completed successfully and everything is fine, yellow means it’s in progress, amber for completed but with errors, and red to indicate it failed for some reason.

Successful Backup:


Unsuccessful Backup:


The emails will be sent from ‘’. You may wish to white list the domain to avoid spam filters accidentally catching it. Depending on your timezone, you’ll receive the alerts between 8am and 12am on the frequency you select. You can set the language for the emails under ‘Language Settings’ in Backup Manager.

Please note that if you already entered email addresses for this feature in the Backup Manager console (as the option, while disabled, has been there in the UI for some time), then these will automatically start to receive the notification emails when we turn this on.

We very much hope you’ll take advantage of this exciting enhancement and that it helps you expand your Backup & Recovery service to clients. We’ll let you know once it’s turned on in the different regions in a follow-up status post.

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