MSP RMM Release…Choose Your Take Control Engine

We’re delighted to confirm that we’re in the process of rolling out our next major Dashboard release, which is all about Take Control enhancements. In this release you’ll be able to select which engine you use for Take Control: the new MSP Anywhere option or the original TeamViewer one. You’ll be able to set this using Take Control policies at Client, Site and even Device level.

To find out more, including detailed screenshots, click here. Note the new Take Control service is currently still out as Release Candidate, you need to install the latest RC Agent to give the new options a try.

The release is currently rolling out across the Dashboard territories and will be available to all customers by tomorrow, November 18th. We very much hope you take advantage of these enhancements, and encourage you to test the new RC Agents and share any feedback you may have.

Here are the release notes for today’s release…

Summary for release:
– Take Control engine selection (requires the current RC Agent)
– Dashboard 6.34
– No change to the Windows and Mac Agents

Dashboard 6.34
UPDATE: Ability to select Take Control engine
UPDATE: Immediate deployment of MSP Anywhere-based Take Control
UPDATE: Updated Device Inventory report to reflect Take Control engine selection
UPDATE: Changes to Summary tab to reflect Take Control engine selection
UPDATE: Take Control Policy dialogue updated to reflect which options apply to each Take Control engine

We’re also appending the release notes for Dashboard v6.33.1, which went out a few days ago but wasn’t posted on the Status Blog:

Dashboard v6.33.1
UPDATE: Increase size of user-defined script uploads for Checks and Tasks to 16MB
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with saving alert routing settings
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with opening DSC tickets in PSA integrated environments
BUGFIX: Fix issue with errant alert emails triggering
BUGFIX: Ensure outage data is always populated for Managed Antivirus Outage
BUGFIX: Resolve chart rendering issue on Client Weekly Reports
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with check-sorting in south pane


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