Coming soon to MSP RMM… Choose your Take Control engine

We’re pleased to let you know that in our next Dashboard release, we’ll be adding the ability for you choose which engine you use for Take Control: the MSP Anywhere-powered version, or the original TeamViewer-based version. We’re adding this option during the Release Candidate phase following your feedback as mentioned in our earlier post, and is part of our ongoing set of improvements to Take Control.

With the new option, you’ll be able able to set your preferred Take Control setting at Client, Site, and device level, via the Take Control Settings and Edit Device dialogs. It’s perfectly possible to run a mix of both engines in your Dashboard, in case there’s a need to run the different versions for different clients. You’ll be able to see which engine a device is using on the Summary tab of the Dashboard and also in the Device Inventory report.

Here’s a quick run-through of the update that’s coming your way…

In the Take Control Settings dialog, pick the engine you wish to use from the new dropdown option: TeamViewer or MSP Anywhere:


You’ll see the same settings option in the Edit Device dialog, so you can set it at individual device level as well:


Open up the Device Inventory Report or go to the Summary Tab to see which Take Control engine is being used on your devices:


We’ve also improved the speed at which the Take Control preferences are deployed, so the settings update more quickly on endpoint devices.

We’ll let you know once the update’s rolling out so you can start to take advantage of the new settings option, so stay tuned!

Summary for release:
– Take Control engine selection (requires the current RC Agent)
– Dashboard 6.34
– No change to the Windows and Mac Agents

Dashboard 6.34
UPDATE: Ability to select Take Control engine
UPDATE: Immediate deployment of MSP Anywhere-based Take Control
UPDATE: Updated Device Inventory report to reflect Take Control engine selection
UPDATE: Changes to Summary tab to reflect Take Control engine selection
UPDATE: Take Control Policy dialogue updated to reflect which options apply to each Take Control engine


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