MSP RMM Release… Take Control of Apple Macs

We’re very pleased to announce that in today’s Remote Monitoring & Management release, we’re enhancing the MSP Anywhere-based version of Take Control so you can use it to remotely access Apple Mac devices. This key feature is included in the latest RC Agent for Mac, v2.1.0, and follows on from our update a couple of weeks ago in which we introduced, for the very first time, the ability to use Take Control from a Mac.

It means that with the new MSP Anywhere-powered version of Take Control, both Mac users and Mac customers are fully supported. We’ll have more Take Control enhancements soon, including, as announced the other day,  the ability for you to select your preferred Take Control engine: MSP Anywhere or TeamViewer.

In addition to the Take Control enhancement, the latest Mac Agent will also let you select 5 and 15 minute monitoring for Mac workstations, so you can monitor critical Macs on a faster cycle and be alerted more quickly in the event checks fail.

The release is already live in the Americas and will be available in all the other regions by tomorrow, Friday 11th. Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Support for Macs with MSP Anywhere-powered Take Control
– Dashboard v6.33
– New 10.5.4 RC Agent, New Mac Agent 2.1.0 RC, no change to GA Agents

Dashboard 6.33
UPDATE: Backend system improvements

Agent 10.5.4 RC
UPDATE: Feature pack update to TeamViewer-powered Take Control (no customer-facing changes)

Mac Agent 2.1.0 RC
FEATURE: Introducing Mac support in MSP Anywhere-based Take Control, allowing users to take control of Mac workstations
UPDATE: Updated Risk Intelligence components with improvements to error handling and scan scheduling
UPDATE: Introduction of 5 and 15 minute monitoring cycles for 24×7 Checks
BUGFIX: Correctly pass Script Check parameters

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