MSP RMM Service Release, November 1st

We’re pleased to announce that today’s Dashboard release contains a set of customer service fixes, several enhancements to Risk Intelligence, and an improvement to the SQL and XML Data Dump reports, which are available from the Asset Tracking section.

The enhancement to the two reports means that you now have the option to generate them in the background and receive an emailed link once the reports are ready. This is particularly useful for clients with many devices under management, as the larger reports can take some time to generate. Here’s a screenshot of the updated dialog:


Select the new ‘Offline Mode’ option to run the report in the background. Once ready, you’ll automatically receive an email (sent to the address you log into the Dashboard with) with a link to the newly generated report. 

The release is currently rolling out and will be available to all customers by start of their working day on November 2nd.

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities, Risk Intelligence enhancements, improved Data Dump reports
– Dashboard v6.32.2
– No Agent change

Dashboard 6.32.2
FEATURE: Option to process the large SQL Data Dump and XML Data Dump reports (available from the Asset Tracking section) in the background and receive an emailed link once completed
BUGFIX: Resolve issue to ensure Windows Service Checks for Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus are consistently added
BUGFIX: Allow user to assign an Automated Task for the Backup Check – Managed Online Backup on workstations
BUGFIX: Ensure the check clearing action in correctly logged and show in the User Audit Report

FEATURE: RI – New Zealand (NZL) Data Breach Risk Scan now search for New Zealand-specific such as National Health Index Number and NZL Tax ID Numbers as well as credit cards, date-of-birth and International Bank Account (IBAN)
FEATURE: RI – South Africa (ZAF) Data Breach Risk Scan – now search for South African specific sensitive data such as National Identification Number (ZAF) as well as credit cards and IBAN
FEATURE: RI – File Remediation – Create File Removal Script – The Data Breach Risk Scan Report has a new remediation process available. While viewing a Data Breach Risk Report with unprotected data, a user can now select files to add to a removal script. Select “Create File Removal Script” button
FEATURE: RI – Expose File Exclusions Option
BUGFIX: RI – Expose Edit button on Misc. Settings in RI Dashboard- Button is now available
BUGFIX: RI – Some Users Unable to access RI Dashboard for RI Reports – resolved.

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