MSP RMM Release… Enhancements to Take Control

We’re pleased to confirm that Dashboard 6.32 and Agent 10.5.3 are currently in the process of rolling out across the territories so that they will be live by start of the working day tomorrow, Thursday 27th.

With this release we have a new Release Candidate (RC) Agent with several performance related improvements, and a Dashboard update that introduces a set of significant enhancements to the MSP Anywhere-based Take Control feature, including -for the first time- the ability to use Take Control from a Mac device to connect to Windows machines. 

To find out more, including detailed screenshots of today’s update, click here.

Here are the release notes for today’s release…

Summary for Service Release:
– Enhancements to new MSP Anywhere-based Take Control
– Dashboard v6.32
– New RC Agent v10.5.3, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard 6.32
FEATURE: Range of new configuration options for MSP Anywhere-based Take Control in a new feature policy dialog
FEATURE: MSP Anywhere-based Take Control Viewer module for Apple Mac devices
UPDATE: MSP Anywhere-based Take Control Viewer and Host module co-residency on the same device
UPDATE: Added Support for Server 2016
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with saving of AutoTask Entity Mapping

Agent 10.5.3 RC
UPDATE: Improved fail-over mechanism for environments with upstream proxy servers
UPDATE: Add support for Kaspersky 2015, 2016 and 2017 in AV Update check
UPDATE: Automated Take Control debug log collection
UPDATE: Updated Risk Intelligence components
BUGFIX: Fix issue with Altaro Hyper-V Backup check
BUGFIX: Fix issue with ShadowProtect SPX
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Patch installation

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