Advance notice for MSP RMM… Update to two Dashboard API calls

This is a courtesy note for customers who’re using the API feature of the RMM Dashboard. Soon we’ll be making an update to the following two API calls:


We’re adding two additional fields to these calls: ‘Description’ and ‘Username’, which correspond with the same fields you see in the Dashboard’s north pane. Here’s a snippet of the updated XML file:

<description>Administrative Machine</description>

For more details on those API calls, visit the helpfile and go to ‘Integration’ > ‘Data Extraction API’ > ‘Clients, Sites and Devices’.

We wish to make you aware of this update in advance, in case you need to adjust anything to how you’re parsing the feed. Please note that the addition of new XML fields is not normally expected to affect parsing routines, which should be set up in such a way that this doesn’t break the process.

If you’re not currently using the Dashboard’s API option and would like to find out more, then visit the ‘Integration’ section in the helpfile, or reach out to your account manager.

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