Now Available: MSP RMM…Risk Intelligence Integration

We are pleased to announce several improvements to the Risk Intelligence Scans within the MSP RMM Dashboard. These improvements include:

Greater Scan Integration into RM Dashboard
– Risk Intelligence ON/OFF via Settings Menu
– Scans Managed by Policies
– Improved Access to Device and Summary Reports

World-Wide Distribution
– Available in All Territories

New Features
– New Data Breach Risk Scans for 17 Countries
– Customized Liability Amount
– Support for three currency symbols in Reporting – $, €, £

NOTE: Existing Risk Intelligence (RI) scans will continue to function but modification or addition of new scans will be under policy management. To convert a scan to policy management or modify an existing task, schedule or delete a task, configure the same type scan within a policy and apply to the device.

When released, you may begin to use these new RI functions in the Dashboard by:

From the Settings menu, Select Risk Intelligence > Policy.


Create a new policy or modify a default policy. Select the scan type from the left pane and schedule the scan on the desired frequency.


Save your new policy. Turn on Risk Intelligence for your Client, Site or Device(s) from the Settings > Risk Intelligence > Settings menu.


The scan will run on your device(s) according to your policy settings. After the scan has completed you may view the scan device report via the Dashboard’s Report > Device Details Menu.


Select the scan result for the device you wish to view and select View Report.


The report is displayed.


We very much hope you’ll take advantage of these upcoming enhancements. As always, we’ll let you know as soon as the new features become available.

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