MAX RM Release… A new Take Control Viewer and Host (RC)

We’re pleased to announce that the new Take Control service is now available in all territories with the release of the new RC Agent, v10.5.0. The updated version uses new technology under the hood and comes with several performance improvements. Click here to find out more about the benefits and how you can take advantage, with detailed screenshots to guide you through the new version of Take Control.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Release
– Feature update to Take Control
– Dashboard 6.29
– New RC Agent 10.5.0, no change to existing GA

Dashboard v6.29
UPDATE: New Take Control Viewer for Windows and support for updated Take Control client (requires RC Agent)
UPDATE: Take Control Viewer and Host can be installed alongside each other on the same device (requires RC Agent)
UPDATE: See a variety of relevant asset data on the General tab (requires RC Agent)

Agent v10.5.0 RC
UPDATE: New Take Control Host for Windows
UPDATE: Error-free reconnection to Take Control session after device reboot
BUGFIX: Ensure disconnecting a Take Control session does not leave Desktop Wallpaper blank

The new Take Control feature is available for Windows devices. We’re working to add support for Apple Mac and plan to have this available before we turn the update GA.

Take Control known issues
– Italian language not fully supported with the current RC candidate
– Within Roles & Permissions – Take Control has been enabled for the ‘Administrator (Classic)’ role



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