MAX RM Service Release, September 6th

In today’s service release, we’re pleased to announce a set of improvements to the user-defined Dashboard scripts and Automated Tasks:

  • There’s a new option on the Script Manager dialog to download previously saved scripts to your local device, so you can more easily edit them in text editors and in the Automation Manager tool. Here’s a screenshot of the update:


  • We’ve updated the scripts to provide more detailed error information when a script fails to execute for some reason, to help you diagnose the issue.
  • And last but not least, we’ve added yet another Automated Task, “Remove Local Profile”, to help with user management.

The release is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by Wednesday, September 5th. Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.27.4
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.27.4
UPDATE: New Automated Task: “Remove Local Profile”
UPDATE: Option in Script Manager to download previously saved Automation Manager scripts to your local machine in order to edit them in Automation Manager
UPDATE: Show more detailed information about the error when Automation Manager scripts fail to execute
BUGFIX: Correct dialog issue in Maintenance Windows dialog causing it to show ‘Until further notice’ multiple times

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