MAX Service Desk 2.8 Release

MAX Service Desk 2.8 is currently rolling out across all installations and will be available to all customers by Friday 19th August. The release includes the following:

New Features

  • Ticket attachment management – manage all ticket attachments in a single place, including deleting attachments.
  • New Operations report. Provides details of staff agent activity with option to breakdown by SLA.

Updated Features

  • Reports
    • Branding added to Customer Summary report.
    • Report generation performance improvements.
  • 2FA user reset added – for cases of phone and recovery code loss.
  • Agent key restored to Schedule calendars.

Bugs Fixed

  • Report Builder no longer times out for very large reports.
  • Assigned tickets no longer showing in reports as ‘[Unassigned]’.
  • Incomplete ticket CC: list issue fixed.
  • Email addresses can now, correctly, include an apostrophe.
  • Fix to Mobile Site Visits having incorrect time.
  • OpenDocument file types supported for attachments.
  • Prevent Staff only Knowledge Base articles from being visible to users.
  • Inventory stock updates correctly when an item is removed from a ticket.
  • Fix inconsistent company name in browser tabs.
  • Enable two digit area code filtering (from three) – Brazil has 2 digit area codes.
  • Deleted staff agent names now shown in Ticket responses – with indication of deletion.
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