MAX RM: Single Sign On being released to US

We are delighted to confirm that we are planning to release SSO and the new Product Navigator on Wednesday, August 17th.

As stated earlier, please continue to use the dashboard URLs that you use today, but be reminded that after this service is live, you will be re-directed to in order to authenticate with our new single sign on (SSO) service.

When you have correctly entered your dashboard credentials, you will be redirected back to your original dashboard URL.

Please, do not use directly.

This move to SSO (Single Sign On) means you’ll be able to log in once to gain access to your MAX Remote Management Dashboard, LOGICcards and MAX Risk Intelligence, with more products to be integrated soon.
SSO is built on the leading industry standard for cross-platform authentication which ensures the secure transmission of users credentials.

Please refer to the earlier post found here to ensure that you will not be negatively impacted by this change.

The full detail of the Product Navigator and SSO can be found here.

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