MAX RM Service Release, August 12th

We’re pleased to announce two new Automated Tasks in today’s Dashboard update, along with the ability to include your own description text with any scripts you add to the Dashboard, so it’s clearer to your users what your custom Script Checks and Automated Tasks are for. We’re also updating the recently released ‘Script Builder’ feature to be called ‘Automation Manager’ going forward, so a little name change there. 

The update is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by Monday, August 15th.

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities and new Automated Tasks
– Dashboard v6.26.2
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.26.2
UPDATE: ‘Script Builder’ feature name updated to ‘Automation Manager’
UPDATE: Option to add a description to user-defined custom scripts in Script Manager dialog
UPDATE: New Automated Task: “Disable Guest Account”
UPDATE: New Automated Task: “Cleanse Hard Disk”
BUGFIX: Ensure locally saved scripts created with Automation Manager open in the application when selected
BUGFIX: Ensure Bandwidth Monitoring Check shows correct failure reason in Outage History
BUGFIX: Ensure the Web Protection Overview report returns the right date range for the selected dates


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