MAX RM Release… Enhancements to Managed Online Backup

In today’s release, we’re pleased to announce an upgrade to Managed Online Backup so that it uses the latest MAX Backup version (v16.6). This includes both an upgrade to Backup Manager (requires RC Agent v10.4.1), and to the Managed Online Backup tools that you can download from the Dashboard: Recovery Console, Bare Metal Restore, and Virtual Drive.

Managed Online Backup download


The update is currently rolling out across the Dashboard territories so it will be available to all customers by tomorrow, Thursday August 4th.

The version update to MAX Backup v16.6 brings with it the following feature enhancements and performance improvements:

  • Individual File Restore for VMware and Hyper-V backups from within the Backup Manager – This feature provides the ability to restore individual files from VMware and Hyper-V host level backups. Now, from within the Backup Manager , the contents of a protected virtual machine can be expanded with a single click to show a directory structure of the VM and allows selection of individual items for restore.
  • Exchange Granular Restore – This technology allows partners to perform granular item level restores for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, & 2016. Please Note: Installation of Virtual Drive and Outlook required.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery to VMware ESX Enhancements – Now you use a direct mount of the VMDK file to improve performance when the restore instance of Backup Manager/Recovery Console and the target VM are hosted on the same datastore.
  • Hyper-V VMs on SMB 3 Storage Support – This expands on the already supported DAS and iSCSI storage platforms.
  • Expanded Support for Dynamic Disks during Bare Metal Recovery – It’s now possible to convert dynamic disks to basic disk during BMR. Note that disks using an MBR partition table the total size of the dynamic volumes must not exceed 2TB.
  • Archive Session Performance Improvements – Enhancements have been made to significantly shrink the processing time for archive sessions.
  • Bare Metal Recovery with Granular Volume Selection – We’ve added the flexibility to select or exclude individual volumes during the BMR process.  This provides the flexibility to recovery a lost or corrupted boot volume but not recover a secondary data volume that is still intact, such as a GPT or iSCSI volume.
  • Single Pass Application Recovery – VSS based applications can now be recovered in the same pass as the file system and system state restore. Available for Continuous Restore, Virtual Disaster Recovery and Standby Image Backups.
  • File Modify Time – During restore file selection the Backup Manager now displays the modify time and size for selected files.
  • Zero Byte File Detection – To protect against accidental data loss from virus and malware we’ve added checks to warn and help prevent backup of zero bytes files when the file previously had a non-zero size.
  • Norwegian Language Support – This is now available within the Backup Manager.
  • Copy-Only Mode for Microsoft SQL Server Backup – It is now possible to perform a backup of Microsoft SQL Server in COPY-ONLY MODE.  This mode performs a full backup without updating the internal backup history for SQL Server. This method of backup does not act as a base backup for further differential backup operations and also does not disturb the history of the previous differential backups. DBA’s should fully understand the recovery implications of using different SQL backup modes prior to enabling this ability.

    To enable this feature, add the following section and entry to the config.ini on the local Backup Manager and restart services.


  • Resolution for several minor customer reported issues related to Virtual Disaster Recovery, Bare Metal Recovery, Recovery Console, Continuous Restore to AWS and Azure and product usability and manageability improvements.


We encourage you update your downloads of the Managed Online Backup tools to take advantage of these latest enhancements, and to test out the update to Backup Manager with the latest RC Agent.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…


Summary for Service Release
– Backup Manager upgrade, customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.26
– RC Agent v10.4.1, no change to the GA agent

Dashboard v6.26
UPDATE: The Managed Online Backup downloads for Bare Metal Recovery, Recovery Console & Virtual Drive tools updated to v16.6

Agent 10.4.1 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade of Managed Online Backup Agent to Agent version 16.6
BUGFIX: Address Managed Online Backup installation issue related to Microsoft Visual C++
BUGFIX: Stop Patch Management from rebooting the device when the reboot option is unchecked


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