COMING SOON: MAX RM Release…Web Protection Release Candidate (RC)

We’re pleased to announce an update to the Web Protection product will be released soon.

This new release will include several improvements:

New Windows System Tray and Notifications
End-user System Tray application provides users greater understanding of blocked network traffic

Improved Block Message Editor
Improvements to the editor allow additional control over the customization of the block message

Added a Report Only and Device-level timed “Snooze” capability
Our new “Snooze” and “Report Only” feature allows you to disable or temporarily disable policy enforcement giving you the ability to more easily troubleshoot user issues

Increased Troubleshooting and Logging Capabilities
New device-level verbose logging option from the North pane

Drag and Drop to White/Blacklist in Policy Dialog
Simplify bulk additions to the white and blacklist by loading from a file

Several South Pane Improvements:

  • Add Website to Whitelist/Blacklist from South pane
  • Added Column Selector for Categories
  • Export to CSV Action for specific device’s “today” and 7-day history reporting
  • Add Website Reporting Exclusions to reduce South pane reporting noise

All the details…

Here’s what you need to know about installing the new Web Protection offering…

NOTE: The new Web Protection offering can be found in RC Agent v10.4.0.

  1. Deploy RC agent v10.4.0 to a Windows machine. This can be done from the Agent menu or via Edit Workstation (or Server) in the Agent version section of the General Settings tab.
  1. After the RC agent v10.4.0 has been installed, you can now enable Web Protection. This can be done from the Settings > Web Protection > Settings menu or on an individual device with Edit Workstation. Select Web Protection and then the desired Web Protection policy to apply.
  1. After enabling Web Protection, the Dashboard’s North pane tab will show a green dot, indicating successful installation and startup. The Summary tab in the RM South Pane will show the status of the Web Protection installation.

Dashboard v6.25
FEATURE: New Web Protection offering

Agent v10.4.0 RC
FEATURE: New Web Protection offering

Known Issue: All RM Dashboard users, regardless of Web Protection permissions settings, will be able to add whitelist and blacklist entries to the policies from the South pane, Actions option. We expect to resolve this in our next release.

 Known Issue: Custom block message substitution string markers have changed from ! (Exclamation Mark) to the | (Vertical Bar).  We expect to migrate these markers for you in our next release.

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