MAX RM Release… Create powerful custom scripts with the all-new ‘Automation Manager’

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of ‘Automation Manager’, a brand new tool in MAX RM that’s designed to let you customise and extend the Dashboard’s automation capabilities to exactly match your technical and business needs.

Automation Manager allows IT pros to create custom scripts that can be used for Automated Tasks and Script Checks, without the need to write actual code – instead, you can use Automation Manager’s flexible drag-&-drop interface to compile scripts, with hundreds of ready-made components to choose from, covering the full range of Windows IT system commands.

For more details, including screenshots and a step-by-step example, click here.

We’re releasing Automation Manager in Beta, so you have a chance to play with it and become familiar with its functions. In order to run Tasks and Script Checks, end-point devices need to have the latest RC installed (v10.3.5) and be running .NET Framework 4.5.1 or above.

Pro Tip!
To give you a head start and show you how other scripts have been created using Automation Manager, we’ve set up a new page in the Dashboard Help File, where you can download any of the 60 ready-made scripts we recently introduced. Just go to Help > Support Center > User Manual, then navigate to Remote Monitoring and Management > Proactive Maintenance > Automation Manager > Download Default Automation Manager Scripts. Click a script to save it to disk, then click ‘Open Script’ in Automation Manager to upload the script to view it and make any modifications as you please.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Automation Manager (Beta)
– Dashboard v6.24.3
– New RC Agent v10.3.5, no change to GA Agent

Dashboard v6.24.3
FEATURE: Create custom scripts with new Automation Manager (Beta)

Agent v10.3.5 RC
UPDATE: Ensure scripts created with Automation Manager (Beta) work for Script Checks

System Requirements for Automation Manager (Beta)
.NET Framework 4.5.1 or above: To test scripts locally and to run scripts on end-point devices *
PowerShell 2.0 or above: To test scripts locally and run scripts on end-point devices
Agent v10.3.5 RC and above: To test scripts locally and run scripts on end-point devices
Windows only: Automation Manager creates PowerShell scripts behind the scenes, it’s not compatible therefore with other operating systems such as OS X
Office 365: For running Scripts and Tasks that include Office 365 modules, the device needs to have Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant installed, and have either Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell or Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell installed.

We’re working on a new Automated Task to install this .NET version to help you update devices from the Dashboard.)

Known Issues for Automation Manager (Beta) – Please don’t yet use the following:
– ‘Global Variables’ on ‘Start’ dialog
– ‘Backup All Event Logs’ module
– ‘Backup Registry’ module

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