Active Discovery Release: Agent Push Install Pre-Checks Flow

We’re pleased to announce that our latest update to Active Discovery will be released soon and will include improvements to the Advanced Monitoring Agent Push Installation functionality.

With this release, we’ll be introducing an entirely new Push Install flow that will improve the Push Install attempt’s feedback, reduce the number of failed Push Install attempts, as well as offer a better all-around user experience.

The biggest change you’ll notice is the all new pre-checks step. When initiating a Push Install, you’ll enter your account and admin credentials for the selected devices as before. (1)


However, when this data is submitted, rather than jumping right into the Push Install attempts, we will run preliminary checks on the devices to make sure they are eligible and set up properly for Push Install before attempting the installation. (2)


Status of these pre-checks will be provided within a real-time progress indicator. You will be updated on how many devices have been checked, how may devices are left to be checked, and presented a status overview of the checks that have run already in the form of failures and passes thus far.

You can also minimize this progress indicator so that you can go about your business within your Dashboard without interrupting the pre-checks. This minimized progress indicator will appear in the lower-right corner of the south pane within the Networks tab. (3)


You can click this to re-expand the full progress indicator at any time.

If you happen to refresh your browser window or log out of RM before the pre-checks are complete, the results will be available for you upon your return to the Networks tab. (4)


When the pre-checks complete, you will be presented with a summary of the pre-check results. If all pre-checks have passed, you can continue with the Push Install to the selected devices. (5)


In the event that there some issues discovered on the selected devices, you will be presented with notification plus a downloadable detailed list of these issues so that you can address them at your leisure and continue with your Push Install to devices that passed the checks. (6)


When Continue is selected, the Agent Push Install command will be initiated on all devices that passed the pre-checks. Results of which will be displayed in the Activities tab as they are today.

In the event that all of the selected devices fail the pre-checks, you will be presented with the appropriate message and downloadable list of discovered issues. There will be no option to perform the Push Installation in these cases. (7)


Besides the improvements to the Push Install flow demonstrated above, these changes were also introduced in support of additional future functionality and features within the Networks tab and other areas of RM, to be announced separately.

Summary of the Active Discovery v26 Release

– New and improved Push Install Pre-Checks flow
– Requires Active Discovery v25 or higher
– Pre-check flow will automatically update out of date Active Discovery agents

BUGFIX: Timestamps within Activities tab to correctly display times in the client’s time zone

BUGFIX: Device export csv to support and display edited device names

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