MAX RM Service Release, July 13th

Today’s Dashboard release addresses a set of customer service requests, including updates to several icons to make them easier to distinguish for users who are colour blind. Here are a couple of screenshots highlighting the change…

In addition, we’re adding a little more contrast to the grey and red colours in the Client Tree so the different states are easier to gauge. Based on your feedback, we’re also looking to improve the feature status icons in the north pane – that’s not yet in this release but we hope to have an update on the near future.

In addition, with today’s release we’re adding a new option to Roles & Permissions, so you can toggle the ‘Community’ links on and off for your users. The option will be on by default for users based on the ‘Superuser’, ‘Administrator’ and ‘Standard’ roles, and turned off for users based on the ‘Client’ system role.

The Dashboard update is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by Thursday, July 14th. Please note you may need to do a hard refresh of your browser to see the icon updates.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Update to icons in support of colour blind users, customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.24.2
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.24.2
UPDATE: Updated icons for Client Tree, Device Status and Check Status so they are easier to read by users who are colour blind
UPDATE: New user permission in Roles & Permissions so you can remove the Community links dropdown menu
BUGFIX: Ensure the Take Control button in the north pane does not give an error message on first click
BUGFIX: Ensure changes to device alerts made in Settings > Alerts > Alert Policy are applied correctly to devices

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