MAX RM Release… Next set of 28 new Automated Tasks (RC) now live

We’re pleased to announce that further to our update a few weeks ago, we’re now ready with the next set of Automated Tasks, bringing the total up to 60 new tasks. The new scripts expand the tool set available at your disposal for offering proactive maintenance, faster remediation, and greater automation across the devices you manage.

Note that the new tasks are Release Candidate scripts that require the RC Agent (v10.3.0 an up) to run. We recommend you try them out locally on test machines first.

The new Automated Tasks…
Here is the full list of new tasks we’re adding. It includes a new ‘Uninstall Application (MSI)’ script allowing you to uninstall software. We also have a set of Hyper-V tasks in the list. The rest of the list (the light grey scripts) are now in progress and we hope to release those in the weeks ahead.

  • User Control (23)
    Add User to Domain Group (new)
    Add User To Local Group (new)
    Add/Remove User From Admin Group
    Create AD Group
    Create AD User
    Create Local User
    Delete AD Group
    Delete AD User
    Disable Guest Account
    Disable Local User
    Disable UAC (new)
    Enable local user account
    Enable UAC
    Is UAC Enabled
    Logoff the Current User
    Remove Domain User from Local Group (new)
    Remove Local Profile
    Remove User from Domain Group (new)
    Rename Local Administrator Account
    Require AD User Password Change (new)
    Set AD user password
    Unlock and Reset Local User Password (new)
    Unlock Local User Account (new)
  • System Control (24)
    Backup All Event Logs
    Check Disk
    Cleanse Hard Disk
    Clear Server DNS Cache
    Create Mapped Drive
    Create Mapped Drive (Persist)
    Delete All Mapped Drives
    Disable CD-ROM (new)
    Disable USB
    Disable Wireless Adapters (new)
    Disk Maintenance (new)
    Empty Recycle Bin
    Enable CD-ROM (new)
    Enable USB
    Enable Wireless Adapters (new)
    Force Windows Updates
    Get Basic System Details (new)
    Get Full System Details
    Machine restart with prompt
    Map Network Printer (new)
    Renew DHCP
    Set Default Printer
    Set Power Plan
    Synchronize Domain Controller (new)
  • Application Control (12)
    Attach Database
    Compress File
    Compress Folder
    Count Files in Folder
    Search for File
    Get Installed Applications
    Get Mapped Drives (Persistent)
    Get Startup Applications
    Set Default IE Homepage (new)
    SQL Server Details (new)
    Start IIS Website
    Stop IIS Website
  • Security (7)
    Disable Firewall
    Enable Firewall
    Lock Workstation (does not work on Windows 7)
    Lockdown Machine
    Reset Firewall Settings
    Windows Defender Full Scan
    Windows Defender Quick Scan
  • Exchange (2)
    Exchange Default Collection
    Fix Outlook Connection Issues
  • Install / Remove Software (5)
    Uninstall Application (MSI) (new)
    Install software from FTP
    Install software from Amazon (new)
    Install software from a Server
    Install software from a URL (Note this script does not require the new RC Agent and can be used with the current GA Agent)
  • Virtualization (5)
    Restart Hyper-V VM (new)
    Resume Hyper-V VM (new)
    Reset Hyper-V VM (new)
    Shutdown Hyper-V VM (new)
    Pause Hyper-V VM (new)


Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.22.3
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.22.3
FEATURE: 28 new Automated Tasks (requires RC Agent v10.3.0 and up)
UPDATE: Improve performance of Monitoring Templates to handle thousands of devices when applying a Template
UPDATE: Add support for GA Agent v9.13.8 with Site Installation Package for Windows XP and Server 2003 devices
UPDATE: Windows Service Checks to store 30 days’ worth of events data


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