MAX RM Release… Agent Push Install for OS X

We’re pleased to announce a significant update to Active Discovery: With our latest release, you can now push the Advanced Monitoring Agent to OS X devices. The update is now available in Active Discovery for all customers.

Summary for Push Install to OS X Devices:

  • This functionality allows MSPs and IT Pros to install the latest Monitoring Agent onto eligible OS X devices that are displayed in the Connected Devices grid under Networks.
  • Push Installation can be initiated on single devices or in bulk.
  • Utilizes same UX as Push Install for Windows devices.
  • Key Requirements:
    • Mac OSX version 10.9.x or higher required on target devices
    • SSH access must be active on target devices
    • Must be pushed from a discoverer on a managed network (Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent agent and Active Discovery is required)


In addition to the Active Discovery update, we also have several customer service updates in today’s release. The bug fixes are currently rolling out across the Dashboard territories and will be available to all customers by Thursday, May 19th. Here are the full release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Agent Push Install for OS X, customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.20.1
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.20.1
FEATURE: Agent push install to OS X devices in Active Discovery, both single devices and in bulk
UPDATE: Show user that Active Discovery requires a secure connection over HTTPS in order to perform an Agent Push Install
BUGFIX: Show the correct value for Disk Drive Growth in the Client Monthly Reports
BUGFIX: Correct issue whereby the Executive Summary Report would occasionally give an incorrect Workstation count
BUGFIX: Correct issue in Active Discovery whereby some online devices were not showing under Connected Devices

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