Coming Soon: MAX RM Release… Introducing Bulk Delete Tasks

We’re pleased to announce a set of customer service updates in today’s Dashboard release (v6.19.1), along with the introduction of a new ‘Bulk Delete Tasks’ feature, to help you better manage scripts and automation tasks across your Dashboard. 

The new feature appears alongside the existing Bulk Run Task and Bulk Edit Task options, and works in the same way: select a Client, Site or collection of devices, then pick the Automated Task you want to delete. Being able to remove the tasks you no longer need from devices in bulk helps to drive standardisation with greater precision and oversight, while significantly reducing the admin effort and time it takes.

Here’s a quick run-through of the new Bulk Delete Tasks feature…

1. Right click a Client, Site, or a selection of devices in the north pane to start the process of removing tasks from those devices (1). You can also use the feature together with device search, for example to remove a Task from a set of devices that share a particular characteristic.

bulk delete tasks 1

2. You’ll now see a list of all the tasks on the devices that you’ve selected. Pick the task that you want to delete (2) and click Next.

bulk delete tasks 2

3. This brings up a confirmation dialog where you can make any final changes to the selected devices (3). Click Delete Task to proceed. This will start the delete process, depending on the number of devices (up to 2000) this may take a few minutes. Check the User Audit Report for a confirmation message that the update has completed.

bulk delete tasks 3

Here are a couple of additional points about the new Bulk Delete Tasks feature:

  • Access is dependent on a user’s Roles & Permissions settings: only users with Automated Tasks ‘Settings’ enabled will be able to see and use this feature.
  • As with Bulk Edit Tasks, the Bulk Delete Tasks feature works perfectly on devices that are offline at the time of the update. It’s simply stored in the Dashboard and will be applied to the device the next time it checks into the Dashboard.
  • You can delete both a type of Task (e.g. ‘Defrag’) or a specific task in the list (e.g. ‘Defrag – C:’). Deleting a type of task will remove any specific tasks within that category.

We’re also pleased to confirm that we’re working on a new ‘Bulk Add Tasks’ feature to make it easier to quickly add a script to a set of devices, without the need to first create a Monitoring Template. Stay tuned for a future update.


Staging Release Notes…
The full staging release notes are below. Note that staging release notes are subject to change, final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities and a new Bulk Delete Tasks feature
– Dashboard v6.19.1
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.19.1
FEATURE: New Bulk Delete Tasks option from device and client-tree context menu (subject to Task permissions)
UPDATE: New Mobile App permissions in Roles and Permissions (in preparation of new mobile apps)
BUGFIX: Ensure Managed Antivirus checks are fully removed when Managed Antivirus is removed from a device
BUGFIX: Ensure that no password is prompted for Backup Manager if this is not set in Managed Online Backup for the device
BUGFIX: Ensure that a script time-out parameter is correctly set for OSX devices when using the ‘Edit Checks Like This’ feature
BUGFIX: Ensure Script Manager displays script names in German and French regions

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