MAX RM Service Release, April 13th

We’re pleased to announce a set of customer service updates in today’s Dashboard release (v6.17.2). This update is currently rolling out and will be available to all customers by start of the business day tomorrow, Thursday April 14th.

We’re also happy to confirm that the new v10 GA Agent is now available to customers in the US Territory. This means all customers in all territories can roll out the latest agent, and take advantage of the new Real-time Architecture.

Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.17.2
– Agent v10.0.3 GA in US Territory, no change in other Territories

Dashboard v6.17.2
UPDATE: New option on the Summary Tab in the South Pane to manually remove Vipre when the Managed Antivirus automatic removal fails
UPDATE: More information on the Summary Tab in the South Pane in the event Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) fails to install because of a network connectivity issue
UPDATE: Update to Take Control ‘viewer’ module to correct a cosmetic issue
BUGFIX: Ensure the dates in the Antivirus Protection Report sort correctly
BUGFIX: Ensure the Fault History Report generates the graphs fully
BUGFIX: Ensure the check status is returned for Managed Antivirus Check (Bitdefender) in the check clearing API call
BUGFIX: Ensure “Create Test Ticket” option works when configuring the Connectwise PSA settings
BUGFIX: Update the ESXi Script Check to resolve an “Unknown Error” issue

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