Coming soon – MAX RM Release… Real-time Architecture is starting to roll out for General Availability

A few weeks ago we announced the availability of a new real-time architecture with MAX Remote Management. Today, we’re excited to share that this functionality is now starting to roll out for general release, with Agent v10.0.3 going GA.

The new v10.0.3 GA agent is rolling out in a staged release across the Dashboard territories. The first region to receive the update is Asia Pacific: Customers in this territory will have access to the new GA agent from Saturday, April 9th. The other regions are due to receive the update during the week of April 11th. We’ll post updates on this blog to let you know when the Agent becomes available in each area.

To recap, this first release of the real-time architecture is all about faster actions in the dashboard. Here’s what it means:

  • Actions related to Checks and Tasks take place in real-time.
  • Deploying user-defined scripts takes just a few minutes instead of waiting two check cycles to see results.
  • Checks added or edited will be applied and run immediately, uploading real-time results to the dashboard.
  • Running a Task manually in the dashboard happens in real-time.
  • 24×7 Check frequency can now be set to 5, 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes for Servers and Workstations.
  • New graphical charts within the “More Information” dialogue.

Here are the full release notes…

Summary for Service Release
– Agent v10.0.3 GA, customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.17.1
– Agent v10.0.3 GA, no new RC Agent

Dashboard v6.17.1
UPDATE: Agent auto-update dialog and Edit Device dialog show that Agent v10.x and up are not available for Windows XP and Server 2003 devices
BUGFIX: Ensure checks are cleared when “Allow user to select check clearing behavior” is unselected
BUGFIX: Ensure that the check status in the North Pane and the check status in the South Pane is in sync at all times
BUGFIX: Ensure the “View Report” option on Performance Monitoring Checks dialog is available for devices on Agent v10
BUGFIX: Ensure the outages status is in sync between Wall Chart, the North and South Pane in the Dashboard panes
BUGFIX: Ensure the Wall Chart does not occasionally hang on showing all problem devices as Pink (new alerts)
BUGFIX: Ensure that the problem workstation count in the view selection match up with the device count top right in the Dashboard

Agent v10.0.3
BUGFIX: Correct issue with Critical Event Log check showing ’10 most recent’ instead of ’10 most frequent’

Includes all the updates since the current production Agent v9.13.8

Agent v10.0.2 RC
UPDATE: New workstations added to the Dashboard without a monitoring installation template will by default use the 30 minute check cycle for 24×7 Checks (instead of the 60 minute cycle)
BUGFIX: Ensure the WSUS Check shows the correct status in the More Information column
BUGFIX: Ensure the Web Page Check resolves the URL correctly instead of reporting ‘Webpage not found’

Agent v10.0.1 RC
UPDATE: Agent code updates and performance improvements

BUGFIX: Correct issue with SNMP Checks related to handling of the OIDs
BUGFIX: Correct issue causing the Exchange 2007+ script checks to fail

Agent v10.0 RC
FEATURE: New 5, 15, 30, 60, 120 minute 24×7 check frequency options for both servers and workstations
UPDATE: Edits to checks are applied immediately and the checks are automatically re-run
UPDATE: Edits to tasks are applied immediately (tasks will not be re-run automatically)
UPDATE: Scheduled tasks update results to the Dashboard within a few minutes instead of waiting on the next check cycle
UPDATE: Deploying new user-defined scripts for checks and automated tasks takes only a few minutes instead of two check cycles
UPDATE: Automated Tasks with an expired schedule can now be triggered with the Run Task command
UPDATE: Pending “Run Checks” and “Run Task” actions are stored up to 31 days for offline and overdue devices
UPDATE: Windows XP and Server 2003 or older devices can update to GA Agent v9.13.7 but cannot update to Agent v10 and above
UPDATE: In the Advanced Monitoring Agent UI, “Re-run Checks” is now “Sync to Dashboard” and “Upload OK” is now “Last sync OK”
UPDATE: In Advanced Monitoring Agent UI, the Last Check Results tab and the checks status note have been removed and are not available

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