MAX RM Service Release, April 4th

Today’s Dashboard release contains a set of customer service updates, along with an update to the Release Candidate agent. It also includes these enhancements to Active Discovery, based on great customer feedback:

  • Devices with multiple NICs / MACs will now be grouped on the Connected Devices tab, so that any device connected to your network using more than one NIC will display as one, easy-to-view device.
  • Multi-NIC devices expand to display all unique NIC/MAC details, making it easier to see at a glance all of the device’s NIC MAC addresses and connection status.
  • Devices are grouped based on existence of Advanced Monitoring Agent for this release to ensure the validity of the device grouping.
  • OSX devices that have the Advanced Monitoring Agent installed will now show this under Connected Devices.

In addition, new workstations added to the Dashboard with the latest v10.0.2 RC Agent will use the 30 minute check cycle as the new default for 24×7 Checks. Of course, any workstations added with a Monitoring Installation Template that specifies a 24×7 Check Cycle will continue to use its setting over the new default.

The release is currently rolling out across the territories so that it will be available to all customers by Tuesday, 5th of April. Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.16.1
– Agent v10.0.2 RC, no change to the GA Agent

Dashboard v6.16.1
UPDATE: Active Discovery: Group Devices with Multiple NICs / MACs in Connected Devices
UPDATE: Improved MAC address support and visibility in Active Discovery
UPDATE: OSX devices with an Advanced Monitoring Agent installed are now displayed as such under Connected Devices in Active Discovery
BUGFIX: Update the VMware ESXi Script Checks to ensure it shows fail/pass status correctly when failing
BUGFIX: Resolve translation issue for a few sections in the Executive Summary Report
BUGFIX: When ‘Sync name with device’ for workstations is disabled in the dialog, ensure this setting is saved on dialog close

Agent v10.0.2 RC
UPDATE: New workstations added to the Dashboard without a monitoring installation template will by default use the 30 minute check cycle for 24×7 Checks (instead of the 60 minute cycle)
BUGFIX: Ensure the WSUS Check shows the correct status in the More Information column
BUGFIX: Ensure the Web Page Check resolves the URL correctly instead of reporting ‘Webpage not found’

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