MAX RM Release: OS X Agent 1.5, including Mac-MSP

Today we are excited to bring you the next step in our commitment to being the best ITSM solution for supporting the Mac: MAX RM’s OS X Agent, v1.5

Most notably this release includes our best-in-class Mac-MSP solution for automated maintenance and patching of the Macs on your network. Our goal is to get this in your toolbox right now so you can promise great Mac support to your users – while we continue our work to make it a tighter part of the RM toolset.

The Mac-MSP solution was designed to be the easiest, non-intrusive, low labor method for maintaining a fleet of Macs. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • automated maintenance tasks that should be performed on a Mac regularly featuring disk volume verification and optional remediation
  • passive anti-malware scanning with optional quarantine and automatic adware removal
  • patching of over 200 software titles including the big names and many popular shareware and freeware titles that no one else touches
  • patches are manually vetted and tested by the LOGICnow Mac team so you know they are safe to deploy
  • an innovative scheduling method that works around your users’ work flow so we never cause downtime or reduction in performance while they work

There are four simple steps to get up and running with Mac-MSP:

  1. Ensure the Main Contact email address in the Contacts dialog of Settings on the Remote Management Dashboard is current, as this is where we sent the Mac-MSP login details
  2. Whilst in the Settings menu navigate to the Mac-MSP section and enable Integrate With Mac-MSP
  3. Once the Mac-MSP integration is setup an email is sent to the Main Contact address with the login details (please be aware that this may take up to fifteen minutes)
  4. Update the workstations to OS X Agent 1.5 and after a couple of Check cycles a new link to the Mac-MSP portal will appear in the Summary tab of the device

In addition to Mac-MSP, the v1.5 of the OS X Agent includes:

  • minor bug fixes
  • small tweaks to display the most relevant Mac support information
  • the ability to configure the OS X Agent via script and command-line

All of us at LOGICnow are excited to be able to offer you this new capability to properly support the Mac platform. And friends this is just the beginning. We can hardly wait to show you what’s next.

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