MAX RM Scheduled Maintenance Notice

We have been notified by our data center provider that they will be performing essential systems maintenance work per the schedule below. We’ve been advised there should be minimal to no impact on our systems and services.

This is a courtesy note to let you know in the event there is any unexpected service interruption during the maintenance window.

Two hour maintenance window, to start at the following times:

Date	Local time (start)	UTC time	Impacts
22/03/16	00:00 HKT	16:00:00 UTC	Hong Kong
22/03/16	00:00 AEDT	13:00:00 UTC	Australasia
22/03/16	22:00 GMT	22:00:00 UTC	United Kingdom
22/03/16	02:00 EDT	06:00:00 UTC	Americas
23/03/16	00:00 GMT	00:00:00 UTC	European Region
23/03/16	02:00 GMT	02:00:00 UTC	European Region
25/03/16	00:00 CDT	05:00:00 UTC	All Regions
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