MAX RM Service Release, March 11th

Today’s Dashboard release contains a set of customer service updates. The release is currently rolling out across the territories so that it will be available to all customers by Saturday, 12th of March.

One of today’s updates is an enhancement to the recently introduced option to set the Workstation name in the Dashboard (see last month’s release notes). We’re improving this feature so you can choose your preferred behaviour: Automatically get the workstation name from the end-point device, which will be the default setting, or give the workstation a different name in the Dashboard and don’t automatically sync it with the local machine. This update addresses a workstation name synchronisation issue, and makes sure that the local device name continues to be the default source for workstation names in the Dashboard.

If you recently changed the workstation name in the Dashboard, we kindly ask you to update it one last time using the improved feature: Open up the Edit Workstation dialog, then untick the checkbox next to Workstation Name. You can now edit the name, which will persist and no longer update automatically when the local device name is changed. Please note that the workstation name in Asset Tracking will continue to get its name from the machine, not from the edited Dashboard field.

workstation name change


Summary for Service Release
– Customer service priorities
– Dashboard v6.14.1
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.14.1
UPDATE: The ability to rename workstations in the Dashboard becomes an opt-in feature; by default, workstation names in the Dashboard automatically sync with the local device name
BUGFIX: Performance improvement to the Managed Online Backup Session History Report to avoid it timing out when generating
BUGFIX: Ensure older Monthly Client Reports can be re-generated through the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Performance improvement to the Executive Summary Report to ensure it generates on schedule for all clients

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