MAX RM Release… Introducing Bulk Edit Tasks, new Script Checks & Tasks, and more

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest MAX RemoteManagement release is rolling out across the Dashboard territories, so that it will be available to all customers by Tuesday, March 8th.

In today’s release, we’re updating the Release Candidate Agent to v10.0.1 as we continue the roll-out of the new real-time architecture. We’re also  introducing the following great feature enhancements:

  • Bulk Edit Tasks: Select a Client, Site or set of individual servers or workstations to see all the Automated Tasks on those devices. Then select a Task to edit its settings across all the devices in one go.

  • New Script Checks and Automated Tasks: We’re adding five new Checks and four new Tasks to help you manage devices pro-actively and drive greater automation across your estate.
  • ‘Client Group’ support for Asset Tracking and twenty more Dashboard reports: Now all but two reports restrict their data so they only show customers that are in a user’s Client Group, which can be set in Roles & Permissions. The same goes for Asset Tracking, this now only shows the clients that are in a user’s Client Group.


For more details about these enhancements, including screenshots, click here.

The full release notes for today’s update are below.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the release, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues. 

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.14
– New RC Agent v10.0.1, no change to the GA Agent

Dashboard v6.14
FEATURE: Bulk edit Automated Tasks across clients, sites, devices with a new Edit Task feature in the context menu for devices and the client tree
UPDATE: Performance improvement to bulk Run Tasks to handle larger device numbers, up to 2000
UPDATE: Restrict data in all the reports that let you select Clients to the Clients in a user’s Client Group. NOTE: The User Audit Report and the Remote Support Report continue to show activity for all clients
UPDATE: Support for Client Groups in Asset Tracking so it only shows the Clients in a user’s Client Group
UPDATE: Introducing five new Script Checks for Windows devices
UPDATE: Introducing four new Automated Tasks for Windows devices
UPDATE: Added new section “System Control” to Script Checks/Tasks list, removed “Windows” section

Agent v10.0.1
UPDATE: Agent code updates and performance improvements
BUGFIX: Correct issue with SNMP Checks related to handling of the OIDs
BUGFIX: Correct issue causing the Exchange 2007+ script checks to fail


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