MAX RM Service Release – Dashboard v6.12.4

We’re pleased to announce that another service release goes out today. In this update we have a couple of small but useful feature updates requested by our users:

  • Set your default tab: Choose which tab in the north pane you want to set as your default when logging in: Servers, Workstations, Mobiles, Services or Networks. Simply right-click the tab header to set your preference.
  • Read-only permission for Active Discovery: There’s a new ‘View’ permission for Active Discovery in Roles & Permissions, so you have more fine grained control over user access to this area of the Dashboard.

The release is currently rolling out across the Dashboard territories and will be available to all customers by Saturday 30th of January.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer service priorities and feature improvements
– Dashboard v6.12.4
– No Agent change

Dashboard v6.12.4
UPDATE: Option to set a default tab in the north pane by right-clicking the tab header
UPDATE: A new ‘View’ (read-only) option for Active Discovery in Roles and Permissions
BUGFIX: Resolve sporadic loading issue for the Clear Checks dialog in non-English Dashboards

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