MAX RM v6.12 is live… Enhancements to Patch Management and the Managed Online Backup Reports

We’re pleased to announce that Dashboard v6.12 is in the process of rolling out, so that all customer Dashboards will have the update by Friday, January 22nd.

In this update, the Managed Online Backup reports get a major make-over. We also have an update to Patch Management, one in a series of Patch improvements – we expect to have further updates on this soon!

For more details on what’s in this release, including screenshots, click here

The full release notes for today’s update are below.

Please remember to refresh your browser following the release, as occasionally browser caching can cause display issues. 

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on new features, bug fixes and performance
– Dashboard v6.12
– Agent v9.13.6 RC, no change to GA agent

Dashboard v6.12
FEATURE: Show detailed patch information when clicking a patch on the Patches tab on the south pane
FEATURE: New UI design for all three Managed Online Backup Reports with CSV export and Print function
UPDATE:  Active Discovery now has an “Activities” tab in the south pane showing discovery agent promotion
UPDATE: Update label from “Event” to “On Check Failure” when selecting a Check-triggered Automated Task
UPDATE: Update the Descriptive Name field in Automated Tasks to be an optional field instead of required
UPDATE: Add support for Client Groups to the three Managed Online Backup Reports so they only show client in the user’s client group
BUGFIX: Ensure the location tab loads correctly for Mobile Device Management
BUGFIX: Correct a Norwegian language display issue for Client Reports

Agent v9.13.6 RC
BUGFIX: Improved handling of double quote characters in Automated Tasks

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